Data Conversion Services

Turner Data Consulting has experience of converting document imaging systems of all types and sizes. If the choice is for off-line or on-line conversion, Turner will insure a complete and accurate process. Legacy conversion begins with a thorough understanding of the old and new systems. Processes are developed which will result in achieving the conversion goals. The pride in the craftsmanship employed for conversion services provided by Turner Data Consulting translates into your success.

Document Imaging

The core expertise at Turner Data Consulting revolves around document imaging systems, tools, and techniques. Advice is available for deciding on a direction that will best suit your company's needs when evaluating processes and methods. Support for existing systems through one on one training, or training in small groups is easily and affordably arranged. Also available is IT maintenance and support through remote system access should on-site expertise in document management systems be deficient. Capture systems have become a specialty at Turner Data Consulting since we feel the biggest potential for efficiency through automation techniques exists at the point of system input. Questions to ask;

  • Should I maintain an in-house content management system or use a hosted/cloud solution?
  • Does our privacy policy envelope our content systems adequately?
  • Can I leverage our enterprise data to increase the accuracy of document index information?
  • Can we setup a scanning department in the mailroom or integrated with the mailroom function?
  • My scanner is rated at 100 pages per minute. How do I achieve that speed when the scanning operator is constantly stopping the scanner?
  • My scanner is rated at 100 pages per minute. How do I achieve that speed when the PC can't seem to keep up?
  • I don't want a ‘system’. Can't I just save PDF files to a folder structure?
  • Should I outsource the scanning effort?
  • I have PDF files. How do I get the find feature to work? Why can't I select the text?
  • Can I improve the quality of our images?
  • What about OCR? How can that help in our department?
  • How do we achieve PCI compliance?
  • Should we use a centralized capture department or a distributed environment? How do we make distributed capture work?

Utility Programming

Many efficiencies can often times be achieved through the use of some simple utility programs. When systems will not talk a simple data conversion utility may be all that is needed. If you have TIFF image files, but need a different format, then an image conversion utility may be needed. If you want to incorporate bar-codes into your process will a COTS solution work, or do you need a custom application? We can provide the pros and cons of each so you may more easily decide which solution is best. Does your requirement specify single page image files, but you only have multi-page versions? A conversion utility to split image files into their component pages will suit your needs. If there is a requisite report from your SQL data repository, Turner Data Consulting is available to address your reporting requirements.

Service Bureaus

Turner Data Consulting is available to assist with service bureau setup, support and training. Our experience operating an imaging conversion service bureau can become the ticket to a profitable business servicing area clients. Creating a business plan is the initial step toward acquiring financing for a proposed business startup. The document imaging expertise weaved into the plan will allow for a risk vs. reward analysis providing this service.