Application Development

Utility Programming

Many efficiencies can often times be achieved through the use of some simple utility programs. When systems will not talk, a simple data conversion utility may be all that is needed. If you have TIFF image files, but need a different format, then an image conversion utility may be needed. If you want to incorporate bar-codes into your process will a COTS solution work, or do you need a custom application? We can provide the pros and cons of each so you may more easily decide which solution is best. Does your requirement specify single page image files, but you only have multi-page versions? A conversion utility to split image files into their component pages will suit your needs. If there is a requisite report from your SQL data repository, Turner Data Consulting is available to address your requirements.

Web Programming

Turner can assist with web site implementation. Using various web-style programming techniques the site can be developed to suit the vision and character of the company. Existing sites can also be upgraded to utilize modern standards.